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One-to-one tutorials

  • 60 minute duration

  • Preparatory work and individual written feedback from tutors included

  • Ideal for skill development, career advice or goal-reaching advice

  • Available in person, or via video call


£130 per one-to-one tutorial, with discounts available when booking six or more tutorials.






"The time Orange Beak Studio puts into understanding not only the work, but also the person creating the work, is amazing"

– [quote needs attribution]




A one-to-one tutorial is built around you. Whether you have specific areas of your craft that you’re looking to develop (this could be anything from observational drawing to navigating the shift from sketchbook to resolved illustration) or parts of your work that you’d like feedback on (think portfolio reviews, or developing cover designs) the tutors that host our one-to-one tutorials are ready to help.


If you’re getting ready to pitch your work, or are looking for dedicated children’s book illustration career advice, a one-to-one tutorial will also be of huge benefit to you.


During your 60 minute session, we’ll have come prepared to work closely with you, at a pace that suits, to help inspire, develop and focus your creative practice. As part of our tutorial session, we will give you detailed verbal feedback, provide experience-led expert advice – which often includes visual examples to help explain our ideas and concepts – and set you targets to help you achieve your creative goals.


Though we are more than happy to see you for just one session, we find that many of our clients find great value in booking more than one tutorial too. For continued, focussed feedback on your work, there’s no better way to ensure your development stays on-track!


We also find that illustrators that are looking to grow their visual voice and find their own style really benefit for a series of sessions, as do those that are working on long-term projects – so do [Link]get in touch to talk about booking multiple tutorials with us. We even offer a discount if you book six or more sessions!

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