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The Orange Beak Picture Book Club is a place where illustrators and picture books makers can chat, share ideas, learn more about the industry, find inspiration and generally feel excited about making work. At Orange Beak we want less gatekeeping and more transparency in the industry, and we want everyone to feel welcome here.

If you know us already, you'll know that Orange Beak Studio was founded from a desire to work closely with illustrators and authors, to share knowledge, and offer insight and encouragement for creatives. We offer one-to-one tutorials, and run workshops and evening talks with professionals.

The Picture Book Club tiers range from £3 a month to £25 a month (which gets you a ticket to all of our Orange Beak Evenings) before VAT, and we've built up a small community with varied prompts, briefs, newsletters and live chats over there.

Picture Book Club also includes access to The Artist's Tap forum - a place to get help, advice and share thoughts with other picture book makers.

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